A personal CEO is priceless

It is not the first time I mention Richard Branson on this website,

but there is no reason why I shouldn’t continue mentioning him.

Here I am, writing blogs and books about the unsurpassable value of authentic and personal storytelling, preferably by CEO’s – and here is Branson delivering again. One of so very few CEO’s sharing his views this consistently.

Again I found this story from his personal life on LinkedIn. Another showcase of inspiring and interesting storytelling.

What is it that keeps most CEO’s away from following his example? Corporate restrictions? Non disclosure agreements? Fear for comments? Nothing to tell? Too little time?

Surely, somewhere up in the air in their company Gulfstream (or Virgin Atlantic Upper Class; been there once, unexpectedly upgraded: if heaven is like that, well, OK then ) between global appointments, they must have some moments to tap some human, personal and interesting thoughts on a blog.

It is an effort well spent, as we’re headed for – if not already in – an era where people turn their attention to brands and companies that show true involvement with society and a sense of community.

Interesting blogging by the chief himself about topics that mean something to him (or her, I do apologize, ladies) makes the brand and company he leads more interesting. And it doesn’t hurt his or her own reputation as open minded leader either.

Actually, there is no escaping it, really. This will be key for marketing in the coming years: Love your following and they love you right back. In loyalty, preference and actively shared fanship. Priceless.